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Our Insurance - Proton Insurance Program

Image 0 Excess Charges

Proton Insurance Programme guarantees 0 excess charges for Proton vehicles up to 10 years old.

*Excess charges – amount set by the insurance company in the event of a claim. Extra charges imposed by the insurance company for claims processing based on vehicle age.

Image 0 Premium Loading

Proton Insurance Programme guarantees 0 premium loading charges for Proton vehicles for up to 10 years.

*Premium loading – amount charged by the insurance company to cover potential losses based on the risk level of the insured.

Image 0 Batterment Charges

0 betterment charges for Proton vehicles for up to 10 years.

*Betterment charges - amount charged by the insurance company when it deems the part replaced puts the vehicle in a better condition than prior to the accident.

Image 5 Year Agreed Value Coverage

Regardless of your vehicle’s age, you’ll get exactly what’s agreed upon in the event of theft and total loss. Claims made will be based on the agreed value, at the following rates:

1st year – 100% of sum insured based on purchase price
2nd year – 100% of sum insured
3rd - 5th year– 100% of sum insured
Image Free Towing Assisstance

We’re always ready to lend a hand when you need it most. With Proton Insurance Programme, comprehensive automotive breakdown assistance comes as standard. We can help you with the following:

- 24 hours Auto Assist Program. Call 1800 888 398 (toll-free)
- Unlimited number of services
- Free towing to nearest PROTON authorised service centres for accidents and car breakdowns
Image Free Roadside Assisstance

Emergency roadside assistance including minor roadside repairs:

- Battery delivery services
- Emergency fuel delivery
- Emergency parts supply
- Alternative travel assistance
- Alternative accommodation assistance
- Privileged car rental and hotels/resorts
- Emergency message transmission and evacuation assistance
- Taxi service
Image Guaranteed Proton Genuine Parts

We guarantee you’ll only receive Proton genuine parts whenever you service your car at a PROTON authorised service centre, or when you receive our roadside assistance. The parts we supply come from our Parts Centre, known for its superior quality. This guarantee only applies to cars serviced at Proton authorised panel workshops.